Good day to you all. Just a reminder that you can book your Hostel / Hostal and Hotel Guacamayos La Ceiba online with Trip Advisor, and airb&b. You can also search and find us on and We are pleased to offer Shuttle service not only from La Ceiba to Leon but also La Ceiba to Antigua  and lso from La Ceiba to D&D Brewery . If you need a private or group shuttle, please contact me for a quote.

Maybe you want to learn to speak spanish, we also have a school for you! We also offer certified diving classes from both Utila and Cayos Cochinos.

We can also compliment your stay in La Ceiba with white water rafting, Jungle Canopy a tour of Cayos Cochinos  Please feel free to call or book online. If you need a specialized tour we can also help you with that.

La Ceiba has a lot to offer, good food, good night life and all of natures  bueaty, let Guacamayos La Ceiba be your one stop provider! We hope to see you soon.